Benelux & Nordics Retail Event Series

Networking events featuring expert speakers that will expand your knowledge, ideas and insight within the changing environment of the retail world.

Benelux & Nordics Retail Event Series

Join us for insight, ideas and to network with others. As part of your attendance you will benefit from a tailor-made copy of Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus award-winning CX audit, highlighting how you can use the ‘right’ CX strategies and practices to increase your firm’s profitability.

Convenience with a Conscience: Creating a Sustainable High Street

Customers are increasingly keen to support sustainable brands, and while agile independent players have embraced the opportunity to create a more eco-friendly high street, larger retailers are struggling. Join Jackie Mulligan, CEO of ShopAppy and Rae Ritchie to find out what can bigger retailers learn from independent businesses when it comes to sustainability. We’ll discuss what an environmentally friendly version of retail could look like, and what role digitalisation could play in retail’s movement towards sustainability.

Agenda – Tuesday 16th March
10.00am: Welcome and Introductions
10.10am: What can bigger retailers learn from independent businesses when it comes to sustainability
10.45am: Who are today’s sustainable consumers and how can you meet their needs?
11.15am: Q&A and Close
Opportunities for Personalisation

There has been an acceleration in the adoption of and dependency on digital channels by retail businesses of all shapes and sizes during the last year as a result of the global pandemic. This has rendered traditional physical and experiential channels almost entirely redundant and certainly way off the pre-pandemic footing, however this represents a huge opportunity for those businesses who are considering how to create the perfect mix of customer experience that consistently provides value to their customers regardless of channel. Data is the key to this, so, where do we need to start in order to tackle this issue?

We take a look at the key areas that businesses need to address in order to be able to pursue a true privacy and personalisation strategy that drives customer experience, loyalty and ultimately ensure business success and profitability.

Key areas:

  • Brand purpose: Why should people care
  • Customer and data experience strategy
  • Convenience, trust and confidence as currencies of loyalty
  • The purpose of different channels and services within the customer journey
  • How to approach data, customer intelligence and consumer data fear factors: education
  • How to invest in the right frameworks to capitalise on privacy and personalisation
Prof. Dr Phil Klaus, Global Customer Experience Strategist
Kate Cooper-Fay, Customer Experience Transformation Director, K3
Glynn Davis, Founder, Retail Insider
Agenda – Tuesday 27th April
10.00am: Welcome and Introductions
10.10am: Privacy vs. personalisation – getting it right
11.15am: Q&A and Close

Knowledge Hub

Retail e-book 2020: 7 key trends shaping retail in 2020

This ebook looks at the 7 key trends set to shape retail in 2020 based on the presentations and technologies showcased at Retail’s Big Show, organised by the National Retail Federation (NRF), in New York City.

K3 Retail Movers and Shakers report

The annual ‘Retail Insider Top 100 Movers & Shakers in Retail for 2020’ report highlighting the achievements of those individuals who are successfully implementing digital in their respective businesses.

Measuring Customer Experience - Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus

Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus, Professor of Customer Experience Strategy and Marketing at the International University of Monaco, gives insight on how to develop and execute the most profitable customer experience strategies.