Manufacturing Event Series UK & Ireland

Networking events featuring expert speakers giving you new knowledge and ideas in the world of Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Event Series UK & Ireland

As part of your attendance you will benefit from a tailor-made copy of Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus award-winning CX audit, highlighting how you can use the ‘right’ CX strategies and practices to increase your firm’s profitability.

Manufacturing – Resilience Through A Progressive Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with Brexit is creating a perfect storm of challenges for manufactures when it comes to supply chain resilience. As we move into 2021, the businesses that thrive will be those that take a progressive approach to managing their way through the challenges forced by this perfect storm. The Founder & Managing Director of the Manufacturers Alliance will be facilitating a discussion that will walk you through the strategic approach that has the highest probability of success. Organisations that take a progressive approach have a 37% higher probability of outperforming their competitors post-recession. Not just surviving and retaining your market share, but significantly outperforming competitors by at least 10% in revenue growth and 10% on the bottom line.

Agenda – Tuesday 2nd March
10.00am: Welcome and Introductions
10.10am: Interactive Discussion
– The evidence that supports a progressive approach
– How your thinking is influencing your strategy
– Rebalancing your thinking
– Best practice on futureproofing your strategy
– Ideas to improve your approach
– What is expected of leaders
11.35am: Event Close
The biggest risks and opportunities in manufacturing

Join us and Charlotte Horobin (Make UK), where we will discuss the biggest risks and opportunities in manufacturing, how digital transformation is a competitive advantage and why and how the right skills and infrastructure can support a business. We will be taking a look at our recent executive survey and the top five risks people told us at the start of the year along with insights in manufacturing in the next 10 years and rebalancing the economy.

Agenda – Wednesday 21st April
10.00am: Welcome and Introductions
10.05am: The biggest risks and opportunities in manufacturing: digital transformation is a competitive advantage, we will discuss why
11.00am: Q&A and Close

More events coming soon!


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