Supply Chain Event series

Networking events featuring expert speakers giving you new knowledge and ideas in the world of Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Event series UK & Ireland

As part of your attendance you will benefit from a tailor-made copy of Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus award-winning CX audit, highlighting how you can use the ‘right’ CX strategies and practices to increase your firm’s profitability.

Supply Chains – Resilience Through Visibility

Supply chains are back on the agenda – how they are configured, designed, managed and controlled has been a dominant feature of the pandemic. In addition to the current period of unparalleled turbulence, digitalisation is affecting all aspects of supply chain management. Bart will consider both upstream sourcing and downstream fulfilment challenges in the new digitally enhanced era. The strong growth in Direct‐to‐Consumer channels is clear across sectors but there is significant diversity in the fulfilment solutions being deployed, which is affecting the fulfilment challenge for manufacturers, distributors, platforms, and retailers.

Agenda – Thursday 4th March
2:30pm: Welcome And Introductions
2:40pm: Discuss How Visibility Will Be Key To Managing The Next Few Months and how transparent and digital transformation will be vital for success
3:45pm: Q&A And Close
Supply Chain – AI & Machine Learning

We will be joined by Dave Manning to discuss how technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twin and simulation develop in the supply chain, as well as how the importance of data quality has never been more important. Since systems such as ERP, MES, PLM and APS have developed, it has been well understood that garbage in, results in garbage out, and automation should not be applied until the process is under control and as much non-value adding activity as possible has been eliminated. Sadly this has not always been well practiced but with the advent of Industry 4.0 style technologies, data quality is a more important issue than ever. It’s not technologies or the process that creates poor data – it’s people. Data quality is predominantly a behavioural issue.

Agenda – Wednesday 28th April
2.30pm: Welcome and Introductions
2.40pm: Discuss strategies are for creating a connected, customer-centric process in the future.
4.00pm: Q&A and Close

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